About Us

Country Overview

Indonesia strategically lies on the equator, located between the Australian and Southeast Asian continents, surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans.

It is a multi-cultural nation, from east to west, with around 360 ethnic groups and more than 17,000 beautiful islands with five main islands;  Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java and Papua that are rich in natural resources, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, mining and other biodiversity.

The rich biodiversity and amalgamation of cultures have nurtured the creativity and productivity of communities in the archipelago, and the increased economic growth has increased the opportunities for international markets.

Platform Overview

We are here to be the marketing arm of Indonesia, and most importantly, to be a bridge between International dan local buyers and quality Indonesian products through digitization.

We are also here to be of service and to help Indonesian businesses succeed and flourish in the global and local market. Our aim is to set the limelight on local traders and to prominently put Indonesia on the map.

Our Goal

To bring knowledge about Indonesian products; the history, origin, uniqueness, diversity and sustainability. We foster thriving local businesses and we want to help them gain access to international markets and increase their involvement in the global and local production network.  

Our Mission

To become the trusted source and top of mind platform for quality Indonesian goods and to provide access to the global and local market for driven local entrepreneurs.

Who we are

Indonesia Access is created by Access Digital, a subsidiary of Valdo Group. Access Digital succesfully developed community application such as oi@ccess and city applications such as Ambon@ccess and Jogja@ccess.

Driven by a strong belief in the capacity of Indonesian SME’s and the mission to bring quality Indonesian products to local and to the global market, the team of Indonesian Access commits to give international and local buyers a positive experience in expoloring and purchasing Indonesian made products.