Gorontalo Exports 4,708.6 kg of fishery products to various countries

24-Mar-2021 14:33

A total of 447 live mangrove crabs from Gorontalo were successfully exported to Singapore. The export of mangrove crabs is carried out by UMKM UD Mulia Abadi.

"We are grateful that export opportunities are now more open, including by MSMEs," said the Head of the Fish Quarantine, Quality Control and Safety of Fishery Products (BKIPM) Rina in a written statement, Thursday (18/3/2021).

Meanwhile, the Head of SKIPM Gorontalo, Hamzah explained that during February there had been 25 shipments of fishery products from Gorontalo to the export market. The total volume exported reached 4,708.6 kg valued at US $ 19,298.78.

"Japan and Singapore are the two main export destinations for Gorontalo," added Hamzah.

Specifically for Japan, the frequency of shipments in February reached 10 times with a total of 2,561.2 kg of non-living commodities. The value of fishery products to Japan reached US $ 10,285.55.

Then to Singapore, 15 shipments were made with a total of 2,147.4 kg of non-living commodities.

"The export value to Singapore in February reached US $ 9,013.22," said Hamzah.

From the commodity side, Hamzah said that tuna fish was the dominant export during February. (ega)

Source: Detik.com