Porang from Balangan Regency Exported to Japan

16-Apr-2021 14:47

Regional Secretary of South Kalimantan Province, Roy Rizali Anwar, released 10 tonnes of porang exports from Balangan Regency to Japan, of the total demand for 100 tonnes which must be fulfilled within five months.

Roy, on the release of porang exports at Trisakti Port, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Monday (12/4/2021) said the release of the first export of agricultural products in the form of porang chips.

He revealed, basically porang is a plant that has been growing in South Kalimantan for a long time and is often found in forests throughout this province. However, only in the last three years, South Kalimantan farmers have been trying to cultivate these plants.

Currently, there are around 926 hectares of land used for porang cultivation with a production of 50 tons per hectare of wet tubers. Thus, South Kalimantan porang production has now reached 46,300 tons of wet tubers, and it is hoped that this production will continue to increase.

"Porang export opportunities are not only to Japan, but also to China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, even now also to the United States and Europe," he said.

According to Roy, Balangan Regency is the first regency in South Kalimantan to export porang to Japan.

The commodity originating from this food plant sub-sector, is exported to Japan in the form of chips by PT Buana Alam Lestari with an economic value of Rp.560 million rupiah and will depart through Trisakti Port, Banjarmasin with the sea transportation mode used is KM. Tanto Langgeng V.220 to Japan Ishigaki Port.

Source: ANTARA