Southeast Sulawesi Ornamental Fish Exports to Brunei Darussalam

29-Apr-2021 15:50

For the first time in history, Southeast Sulawesi exported marine ornamental fish to Brunei Darussalam.

The Fish Quarantine Agency, Quality Control and Safety of Fishery Products (BKIPM) Kendari said the export of 2,236 sea water ornamental fish commodities began on Thursday (28/4/2021) through Haluoleo Airport, Kendari.

This initial export was carried out by Kendari Customs and Excise and related technical agencies, namely the Industry and Trade Service (Disperindag) and BKIPM. Meanwhile, CV Nurafia Marine Fish is the owner of this ornamental fish.

"It is hoped that fisheries commodity export activities will increase along with the increasing synergy of the government in encouraging fishery product exports," said the Head of BKIPM Kendari, Amdhali Adhitama.

Apart from ornamental fish, another commodity that will be exported from Southeast Sulawesi is the consumption of marine products such as live lobsters and mangrove crabs.

BKIPM Kendari, together with related agencies that are members of the Export Clinic, will optimize this opportunity to increase the export value of Southeast Sulawesi.

"For the first time, Southeast Sulawesi businessmen export sea water ornamental fish commodities to Brunei Darussalam. We continue to encourage entrepreneurs to export directly from Kendari," he said.