20 Tons of Premium Indonesian Rice Exported to Saudi Arabia

21-Jun-2021 19:33

20 tons of premium rice from Sragen Regency was exported to Saudi Arabia, Wednesday (16/6/2021). The delivery is part of the total contract of 1,000 tons of premium rice by PT. Banyu Bening Jaya with Syarikat Batlah Saudi Arabia.

Syarikat Batlah representative in Indonesia, Abu Muhammad said that although the price of Indonesian rice is more expensive, Indonesian rice has a different taste from rice from other countries. This is the main attraction for consumers in Saudi Arabia.

The release of the first export was symbolically led by the Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food Security of Sragen Regency, Eka Rini Mumpuni Titi Lestari. In her speech, Eka admitted that she was very touched by this export release activity.

"Only now after 15 years ago there is another rice export from Sragen," said Eka.

Sragen is one of the rice barns in Central Java and also Indonesia. Based on the existing data, Sragen has a surplus of 315,000 tons of rice every year.

Separately, Suwandi Director General of Food Crops said that now is the time for Indonesian rice to be recognized abroad.

"Right now, rice production is at its best, therefore the export option is the best solution to improve the welfare of farmers," he said.

The export value of agricultural products during January-May 2021 experienced a high increase, which was 13.39 percent. With these results, the agricultural sector cumulatively contributed to a high increase in the manufacturing industry, which was 30.53 percent. This achievement is the result of the hard work of farmers and all parties who support the national agricultural development process. (*)

Source: www.pangannews.id