North Sulawesi Canned Fish Exported to 12 Countries

26-Jul-2021 13:56

North Sulawesi is recorded to have exported canned fish to 12 countries during the period from January to June 2021.

"The 12 countries are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand and Yemen," said Head of Daglu Disperindag of North Sulawesi Darwin Muksin in Manado, Thursday (22/7/2021).

Darwin said the highest demand for canned fish was from Saudi Arabia, which was 3,957 tons and was able to generate foreign exchange for the country of 15.16 million US dollars.

Then exports to Yemen amounted to 1,143 tons with a value of 3.48 million US dollars. Then to Australia as much as 1,044 tons with a value of 5.86 million US dollars.

Canned fish from North Sulawesi was also exported to Japan as much as 183 tons with a value of 1.72 million US dollars. Furthermore, Thailand 823 tons with a value of 3.63 million US dollars, Belgium 18 tons with a value of 55,400 US dollars and the UK as much as 18.6 tons with a value of 62,700 US dollars.

Then to Egypt as much as 154 tons with a value of 574,452 US dollars, Norway 69 tons with a value of 263,840 US dollars and to Switzerland 69.5 tons with a foreign exchange value of 285,162 US dollars.

It is known, so far, export products, especially the fisheries sector from North Sulawesi, are in great demand by countries in Asia, Europe, America and even Africa. (*)