Indonesian Furniture Products Liked by Swiss Society

08-Sep-2021 20:26

"Swiss people like furniture from Indonesia, especially those with high quality and guaranteed quality," said a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Bern received in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/9/2021).

The preferred furniture is natural wood products that are resistant to the changing seasons in Switzerland. In addition, the principles of sustainable production and community development are also a concern of consumers in Switzerland.

Previously, the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Muliaman Hadad held a meeting with the Swiss company, Living Dreams, which is a large-scale importer of Indonesian furniture products in Meilen, Canton (Province) Zurich in Switzerland.

The owner of Living Dreams is a native of Switzerland who has been in close partnership with entrepreneurs in Indonesia, especially MSME entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Living Dreams has several showrooms as well as a fairly large warehouse in Meilen. Apart from Meilen, there are two other shops in Zurich (Switzerland) and Mallorca (Spain).

The Living Dreams company has been making large-scale purchases of furniture from Indonesia for about 15 years, especially from Lombok, Surabaya, Boyolali and Yogyakarta.

The concept of the Living Dreams collaboration is to provide orders as well as designs and materials to wood craftsmen in Indonesia and then import and sell them in the Swiss market or other European countries. Living Dreams also sells furniture from Indonesia in hotels, restaurants, offices, airports, spas, showrooms in Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

In bilateral trade in the first half (January–June) 2021, furniture ranks 6th for the main commodity from Indonesia to Switzerland with a value of 12.28 million US dollars (Rp 174 billion). This value is up 17 percent compared to the same period in 2020, which is worth 9.87 million US dollars (Rp134 billion)

"We hope that the sales of furniture from Indonesia will be stronger in Switzerland, because the demand in Switzerland is quite large," said Ambassador Muliaman. (*)


Source: Antara