120 Kg of White Pepper From Bangka Belitung Exported to South Korea

30-Dec-2022 14:50

120 kilograms of white pepper from the Bangka Belitung Islands Province were exported to South Korea, in granular form.

"Today Bangka Belitung Province has again carried out its first export of white pepper to South Korea, having previously been to 13 other countries," said Bangka Belitung Islands Provincial Government official Yunan Helmi at the Cargo terminal of Depati Amir Airport, Pangkalpinang, Thursday (29/12 /2022).

According to export performance data (IQFAST - Agricultural Quarantine Agency), the export performance of Bangka Belitung pepper in 2020 reached a volume of 1,847 tons with achievements worth IDR 98 billion. It will decline in the following year, in 2021, only reaching 984 tons worth IDR 80 billion.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on decreasing demand from export destination countries and also due to the obstruction of the global distribution system. (*)



Source: Antara