Indonesian Phosphate Fertilizer Exported to Malaysia

10-Jan-2023 10:40

The National Prayer Communication Forum (FKDB) successfully launched and released the export of Creative Phosphate Fertilizers to Malaysia.

This export was carried out by his assisted company, namely PT Kreasi Sadawira Utama (KSU) in collaboration with Ilham Progresif, Malaysia.

"Creative Phosphate Fertilizer is a single fertilizer category with the main nutrient content, namely Phosphate (P) at a level of 20% which is needed by plants. Where this product already has the legality of a distribution permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and has met export requirements," said the Main Director of PT. KSU, Hikmat Taufik, S.M. in Jakarta, Monday, January 9 2023.

Previously, FKDB succeeded in exporting tempeh and coal fertilizer products to various countries, including Japan, South Korea, and the United States (USA) from the company PT. Azaki Food International and Debe Mitra Pratama. (*)