South Kalimantan Exports 3,300 Tons of Palm Kernel Expeller Worth IDR 15.03 Billion to China

24-Jan-2023 13:42

The Banjarmasin Agricultural Quarantine Agency has approved the export of palm kernel expeller (PKE), which is the by-product of palm kernel processing, valued at IDR 15.03 billion, destined for China.

Head of Banjarmasin Agricultural Quarantine Nur Hartanto said that as many as 6,300 tons of PKE were exported, one of the benefits being raw material for animal feed so that many countries were interested, such as China, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and European countries.

Based on the quarantine automation system (IQfast-red) of the Banjarmasin Agricultural Quarantine, the export value of South Kalimantan's agricultural commodities reached IDR 7.03 trillion in 2022.

The oil palm plantation sub-sector and its derivatives dominate more than 86 percent in terms of contribution as the largest contributor to export foreign exchange in South Kalimantan, which is as much as 498 thousand tons with a value of IDR 6.2 trillion. (*)