Hunay Fried Onions Exported to Singapore

25-Jan-2023 14:58

Fried onions “Hunay” produced by CV Dua Putri Sholehah in Tegalrejo Village, Dringu District, Probolinggo Regency successfully made their first export to Singapore, Thursday (19/1/2023).

The owner of Hunay Fried Onions Nurul Khotimah said that the success of the "Hunay" fried onion product being exported to Singapore happened by chance. Where did her party meet overseas buyers who were looking for fried onions.

"We have communicated for a long time through social media. After we told him about the “Hunay” fried onions, it finally came together. Thank God, we can export using our own name CV Dua Putri Sholehah. But this is still 300 kg. This is still a trial because it's still prime. Hopefully in the future there will be a continuation, "she said.

In order to be able to export abroad, explained Nurul Khotimah, a product must be certified. Because every country has different regulations. Must be able to follow the regulations of each country that is the export destination country.

"Hopefully in the future it will continue and the market will develop. Not only Singapore, but also other countries so that fried onions have the opportunity to export," she hoped.

Previously, "Hunay" fried onions had supported exports since 2019 collaborating with various companies and individuals.

Namely Mekarsari in the amount of 4 tons which has been running since 2019-2021, Mrs. Diana in the amount of 105 kg in 2020-2021, 147.3 kg in 2020 and Sari Raya in the amount of 1,000 kg in 2021. (*)